Every Desi Drama Ever

So this is a totally planned surprise "collab" I decided to do with Bayance (you better read her post I linked, before I tell her to edit it 😂) and she did Turkish Drama cliches. I noticed they were so similar to Pakistani dramas and decided to do one. And oml I can never take them seriously … Continue reading Every Desi Drama Ever


Rant No. 300-and-I-lost-count

I'm sorryyyyyy 😂 it's been 23 days. Anyways, hello. Today we will stare into the void. Listen to ASMR while reading my post. I feel like ranting about: this blog, events that have happened to me and RAMADAN OH MY GOD!!! Obv I'm a proud muslim and I'm going to be fasting (unless my menstrual cycle … Continue reading Rant No. 300-and-I-lost-count

Things I Hate

Sorry about my hiatus. School imprisoned me within its walls of judgmental and sad excuses of people so that's why I decided to skip it! (Jk guys and gals 😂 I need school, we just had a trip hat I wasn't going on). So I hate a lot of things. Like, a lot, a lot of things. And it doesn't … Continue reading Things I Hate

Pancakes :)

FIRST RECIPE BLOG AAAAAAAAAA (Also, pictures aren't mine. It's 3 in the afternoon I'm not about to go make pancakes.) Anywayyysss I can only cook a little (+ bake) but not enough for a guy to go "MAKE ME A SANDWICH!" I'll burn your bread, bruh. Okay let's continue 😂.   To start off, I'm going … Continue reading Pancakes 🙂